Chicken and egg problem (11 June 2009)

Re: An important new study has just been published giving good evidence

that states that

have higher gender equality and female security are more peaceful.

So the way to

have safer states is to give women rights.

Psychohistorians have also of course shown how violent patriarchy and ¨violence against¨women in earlier societies lead to more violent wars.

The study is: 'The Heart of the Matter" by Valerie M. Hudson et al, ¨International Security 33(2008): 7-45.

Lloyd deMause

Psychohistorians have of course also shown that imagining yourself giving praise to unsatisfied, embittered older women, at a time when previous prosperity has brought to looming proximity, the angry, disapproving, overwhelming Mother, is also a good way to buttress up your "good boy" status, and maybe delay the felt need for a day of reckoning a little while longer. Psychohistorians have of course also shown that the whole patriarchy-and-violence-against-women thing, is a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem, one not so much on the radar of those in a hurry to castigate patriarchy as worse than worse, as violent!, violent!, violent!. (Anybody remember a particular someone who made clear how, as brutal as it was, as based on fear/hatred of women (mothers) as it was, patriarchy was actually a step more civil -- less violent -- than all-is-dissolution matriarchy was? And yes, well loved children cannot but be egalitarians, and have no interest in either sex, in anyone, dominating the way.)

Link: Gender Equality (realpsychohistory, May 25, 2009)


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