Walsh/O'Reilly debate (18 June 2009)


fox news

Moderator: "Before we begin the debate, do we agree that you both believe the other to have blood on their hands, that is, to be responsible for murder, and so rightly should be jailed if not recipient of more just deserts, kept away from humanity, forcibly and forever, and most certainly not debated with?"

And the debate wasn't civil. Must have been all O'Reilly's fault.

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Dr. Paul McHugh very much sounds like a dangerous human being devoted to defending perpetrators and causing further pain to victims, but the Sotomayor debate primed many of us to once again see credentials as everything. Sotomayor was first in her class at Princeton, so, Right, shut the hell up. Dr. Paul McHugh was some big-wig at John Hopkins University, so Left, shut the hell up. Paul McHugh could have been first in his class at Princeton and be otherwise massively credentialed, and we still need to be amidst an environment where the very fact that he works to advance the idea of false memory syndrome and thereby disenfranchise the abused, can work to shut him down. The way it is, if the Right is smart, they'll work with universities supported by corporate interests (that is, every university) to ensure "their own" are the ones who tend to get tenure. Turn all the lefties into indepedent scholars or travelling TAs, and you won't have to listen to them.


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