From economic ruin--angels? Maybe not (24 March 2009)

I distrust people who seem so ready to disown and disparage who they once were (People acquired because they got something they valued by doing so -- was it really all bad?). I distrust people who need to believe that everyone is or soon will be, in their position. (Actually, they won't quite be, 'cause the early "losers" are already a mile ahead in doing all the looking-within stuff.) I distrust people who don't understand that when people start romancing frugality and demonizing luxury, the climate may not be ready-right for easeful experimentation and curious exploration: that instead, it's one set for easy demonstrations of your virtue and pleasing condemnations of those less well "situated."

As far as the fear of committing suicide: Many people are going to be relieved that they are now no longer at risk of seeming as if they're on a path straight to hell. They'll just preach sharing, humility, kindliness to neighbors, living the soulful life, spending time with the elderly, et al., and when it's their time, they'll feel a sure in, for sure.

Link: How an Alberta Economist Counsels Victims of Bernie Madoff (The Tyee)


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