Freaky Troll Supermodel vs. Death Star (10 July 2009)

death star

photo by Nin Swift

Freaky Troll--We all do love you (we do), but at times you can inspire Jar Jar creepies. I'll find myself appreciating what you have to say, and enjoying that crazy wig of yours, and laughing, and laughing . . . and then for some reason start wonderin' if there might just be a season for huntin' freaky trolls, maybe something someone in the government wrote in as a lark, just for kicks.

It'd be more than a fair fight--you'd have your Black Forrest abode and your wigged-out awesome troll-stuff--and I'd have whatever resources America would have considered using to get rid of Jar Jar, a few years past--which I think means I'd be nuclear, if not a primitive version of a Death Star.

Well, in truth, I must admit that wouldn't be so fair, after all--after all, Carrie Fisher's wig was pretty pronounced and remarkable, but I don't seem to remember it stash for stuff that'd down a Star. So in the odetteroulette new spirit of things, may this time can wait until you've gone fully Freaky Troll supernova, Freaky Troll SuperModel, superstar.


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