Sure in, into heaven (25 March 2009)

re: Patrick, somethimes your allusions are elusive. What in heaven's name is 'a sure in, for sure'? (KWD, Response to post, _The Tyee_, March 24, 2009)

Hi KWD. I meant a sure in into heaven. When wealth disappears, so too, for many people, does their burden of sin. They join the righteous.

Also, it would be nice if there was a turn away from manic capitalism toward something much more generous, easeful and affable. But what I sense now is people EAGERLY looking to define the last period we were in as (simply) sinful (it wasn't great, but I actually grew as a person during this period [with some of this growth owing to my explorations of/adventures with the many purchases I made] -- didn't you?), and this makes me think that what will follow is more likely to be about holy judgment than it will, wholesome togetherness. "Speculative economy," "place of luxury," casinos" VS. "frugal living," "soul-searching," "pursuit of enlightenment," "socially responsible ventures": that's the past and emerging present, according to the voices we hear from in this article, and it's a black and white, good vs. evil drama right out of that (other) Puritan' "bible," “Pilgrim's Progress.”

The article is supposed to be about how we can live more happily, but don't you be fooled: To this crowd, you need be nothing more than of color and life -- someone who really wants to live a joyous, happy life -- and you will be guilty of most unforgiveable presumption. Caliban from Robert Browning's poem, "Caliban Upon Setibos," offers the best advice to those who want the watchful Eye to pass you by: "Meanwhile, the best way to escape His ire Is, not to seem too happy": that is, even if you don't complain, learn to live a life worthy of complaint: be self-denying, self-abnegating, self-sacrificing -- entirely and cruelly selfless, and you won't arouse suspicion. (And word-to-the-wise, if you're a writer, don't use successive triple colons: it's probably ungrammatical, and certainly over-bold.)

Appreciate the feedback.

Link: How an Alberta Economist Counsels Victims of Bernie Madoff (The Tyee)


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